Intensive Education

This is a 10-hour alcohol/drug program for probationers who are at risk of addiction. The goal of this program is for the probationer to make an accurate evaluation of his/her alcohol/drug use, and to make appropriate behavioral changes.


Treatment Assessment

This is a mandated service depending on the probationer's level of addiction/abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. Treatment programs are conducted at a state approved facility by a licensed substance abuse counselor.


Young Offender Program  

This program is available to individuals under the age of 21 who have committed a non-driving alcohol-related offense. Participation in the program may allow for either a reduced charge or the dismissal of the original charge. Individuals participate in either a 8 hour education program or are referred to treatment (see above).

Multiple Offender Evaluations  

Person's petitioning the court for restoration of their driving privileges after having been administratively revoked by DMV for three DUI offenses are court ordered to ASAP for an evaluation.  A recommendation is then made to the court regarding license restoration.

Driver Improvement  - In person and online

A basic driver improvement course available to individuals (1) mandated to attend by DMV as a result of an accumulation of points, (2) referred by a court for a traffic violation, or (3) who volunteer to attend to receive positive points.

Driving Suspended Program  - Intervention Intervention

This program is available for individuals required by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to complete an Intervention Interview.  The program consists of one appointment that includes the viewing of a DVD followed by an individual appointment with an ASAP staff member to review the individual's driving record. 

Ignition Interlock  

This is a statutorily mandated program for offenders convicted of a first or second offense DUI. In this program, a device is attached to the offender's car which prohibits it from starting unless the offender is alcohol free. The offender must blow into this device before starting the car. The equipment logs the offender's blood alcohol level during each use and detects any tampering that is made to the interlock system.

Additionally, while driving, the offender will be required to give a breath sample while the car is running. If the offender tests positive while driving, the car's horn will sound and its high beam lights will flash on and off. Any tampering with the interlock system by the offender (Class I misdemeanor) will cause the offender to be sent back to court as non-compliant. The offender can be jailed for this tampering, as well as assessed a heavy fine.

First Time Drug Offender  

This is a program for first time drug offenders.  Individuals participate in a 10 hour education program and/or treatment (see above).

*In addition to the service fee, the intervention fee is charged.