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 Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) 

         Serving the county of Rockingham and the city of Harrisonburg.
       350 North Main Street  Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802 Map

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Phone: (540) 434-0154
  Fax: (540) 574-0340
      Email: psimmons@rhasap.com

Remarks from Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP's Director

It is the intent of Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP to reduce the level of accidents, injuries, fatalities, and property damage as a result of drunk drivers by evaluating such drivers as referred by the court and appropriately placing them in an education or counseling program, which is designed to change driving while intoxicated behavior.

It is also the intent of Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP to prevent the citizens of our community from driving while intoxicated by increasing the awareness of the problem, modifying the general public's attitude and beliefs about driving while intoxicated to a position where they choose not to drive while intoxicated.

In carrying out its mission ASAP employs a systems approach maintaining operations in various component areas.

Mission Component Areas


Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP serves as a resource to law enforcement agencies to provide information and training in the early detection and apprehension of DUI offenders. Every effort is made to provide information, training, and necessary equipment to enforcement departments in the locality so that:

  1. Incidents of impaired driving may be deterred
  2. The number of arrests and convictions of motorists driving under the influence will increase
  3. The average BAC of the offender will be reduced


Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP is an acknowledged arm of the court and as such, provides the court with necessary information regarding its referrals. Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP provides these services to the court in order that
  1. The conviction rate of DUI offenders may be raised
  2. The recidivism rate among offenders may be decreased

Case Management and Offender Intervention

Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP provides case management services for DUI offenders, illegal possession of alcohol offenders, possession of marijuana offenders, habitual offenders, drunk in public offenders, and driver improvement clients. Services provided include evaluation, referral, and monitoring of clients.


Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP evaluates clients and refers them to appropriate education and treatment programs. All instructors use the appropriate standardized VASAP curricula. Treatment referrals are made only to service providers licensed or certified by the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services or the Department of Health Professionals.

Public Information, Education, and Prevention

Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP provides education resources to the public so that

      1.  DUI Incidence will be prevented and reduced
     2.  Public knowledge of VASAP will be increased
     3.  Public knowledge of the alcohol/drug problem as it relates to transportation safety will be increased.

Evaluation and Certification

Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP maintains a standard of excellence in its policies and procedures, and reviews its performance in these areas on a regular basis.