Request for Restricted License/Changes to Restricted License

If you are a current probationer at Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP, and you have a restricted license issued by a court in Rockingham County; please fill out the form below to request a change to your restricted license.  It is important to fill out the form in detail being as specific as possible regarding hours and days of work.  Upon request, documentation will need to be provided regarding any changes.  After filling out the form, return it to the Rockingham/Harrisonburg ASAP office.  Forms may also be emailed to
If your restricted license was issued by a court in another jurisdiction, please contact your case manager at the ASAP that referred you to Rockingham/Harrisonburg to see what the process is in that jurisdiction.
Pamela Simmons,
Aug 5, 2020, 8:04 AM